Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mamafiets clan in LA

After a 28-hour journey on the Amtrak train, our family finally made it to Los Angeles last night!  I'm heading out again to meet up with our California relatives, but I thought I'd post just one or two photos before I go.

Bigger and Little love boats.  In the bay area, we got a good view of these two oil tankers from our seats.  You can just barely see one of the two tugboats that was anchored next to the tanker on the right.  In Bigger's view of the world, there are two primary types of oil: culinary and petroleum.  If it's not olive oil, it must be the stuff you put in a car.  

We spent about an hour talking quietly about the scenes outside our window.  I was surprised that the boys were so interested in the unfamiliar trees and the golden-green hills of California.  As for me, I would have really missed seeing the countryside and the cities we traveled through if we had flown.  Taking the train allows us to have enjoy a rolling, wide-open view of the landscape.  And no one has to drive or wear a seat belt.

The weather is around 63 degrees Fahrenheit here.  I saw a young woman on the street wearing a knee length down coat and a giant, fluffy scarf about an hour ago.  I've been muddling through the day somehow with bare arms -- poor me.

Okay, I'm off to meet some of my family out in this delicious sun!


  1. My son (11) and I took an Amtrak trip to San Francisco last February. It was a blast! We love looking out the scenery. Have a great trip!

  2. So glad to hear you enjoyed your trip!