Friday, December 31, 2010

Surprise Bike Shop

On Monday, I set out with the kids to run an errand in the West 11th area.  Typically, we take the multi-use path that runs along the south side of 11th.  This time, we chose a route on the north side of 11th.  I'm so glad that we did, because we noticed this little neighborhood bike shop for the first time.

I so want that little bike above the door for Bigger.

The shop is right next to Martin Luther King Jr. Park.  One side of the bike shop bears a tribute to Dr. King.

The shop was all closed up, and there were no hours posted.  I'm curious to find out more about this place, especially since it is relatively close to our house.  Is it new?  What kinds of bikes are sold there?  I look forward to stopping by again sometime soon to get the whole story of this little spot.  I thought about knocking on the door to see if anyone was in the shop, but Little was napping, and I wasn't interested in disturbing him.

Today we're going to be busy running errands again, this time in preparation for a trip to Los Angeles via train.  My secret weapon for Amtrak travel is to lay in a back-breaking supply of library books, so that will be stop number one.  I also have an appointment about nine miles away, on the north side of town.  I believe that I'll be heading to this appointment solo, so I'm considering taking my pre-kids, zippier bike out for a spin. We'll see what the day holds.

Happy riding!


  1. It's on Grant Street? Don't know anything about it either, but I might stop by there sometime, too. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Hi, eugenebicyclist! I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago. I love your post about installing Sharrow's Xtracycle. Your team of child mechanics is quite charming.

    Yes, the shop is on Grant and 10th. I'd be interested to hear about it if you discover any signs of life there.

  3. Nice- gotta check it out. Share any info when either of you have it.