Sunday, December 12, 2010

Kidical Mass Eugene: The Pie to Pie Winter Lights Ride!

Dear Bike-Riding Families of Eugene,

Have you marked your calendar with the date of this month's Kidical Mass ride yet?

There will be pies savory (pizza) and sweet (pumpkin, apple, cream...who knows?), beautiful winter lights displays, and good company.  Kidical Mass is going to be picking up some of the tab.  How could anyone even think of missing it?

I think you should go do whatever you must in order to save the date.  Do it!  Now!  Before something you may not really want to do sneaks up on you.

Kidical Mass Eugene Pie to Pie Winter Lights Ride
Saturday, December 18th, 5:00 pm
Mezza Luna Pizzeria (933 Pearl Street)

See you there!

P.S.  Feel free to print out a poster to display at your grocery store, your child's school, your Birth to Three group, or share one with a friend!  And drop me a line if you have recommendations for great lights displays in the downtown or Monroe Park area.  Our family is helping with the coordination of this ride, and your input (and assistance) would be very welcome.  Many thanks!


  1. I'm having a difficult time getting the pdfs of the flyer and poster up on the blog. Bear with me, please...

  2. Thanks to Shane for helping me figure out the pdf issue! Posters are now ready to download.

  3. Emily! I found this through the Kidical Mass email. Wonder if this is the project you mentioned? How cool!

    We wish we could ride the Pie to Pie with y'all... We'll be at the coast for Ry's work party. Boo!

    S and I had a good ride to a birthday party at a gym out west by Walmart today. We've got the winter riding gear all set except for a liner for his helmet. The wool hoodie he uses gets itchy and then we have to stop, remove helmet, itch, etc. What do you use for Little's? We tried on the Nutcase ones and didn't find a great fit. He's in a Giro and we've been happy with it.

    Hope to see you soon my friend!

  4. Hey, Mama! Yep, this is the project I spoke of. So glad you found it!

    We'll miss you at the ride. Maybe next month? Can I give you a couple of flyers to post somewhere?

    I'm glad that you and S had a fun bike ride yesterday. The weather was really pretty nice, right?

    We use a SmartWool type knit cap under Little's Giro helmet. We switched to what I'm thinking of as the winter settings on his helmet a couple of months ago: I loosened the chin straps and the dial on the helmet so that he always puts in on with his hat underneath. You get almost as much coverage as a balaclava from a cap that comes down over the ears and a coat that zips up to the chin. Plus, our big boys are both pedaling, so they heat up fast, right? Bigger usually wants to unzip his coat after a few minutes of riding.

    See you soon, my dear!