Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

On Monday, Bigger's teachers informed me that he had spent the afternoon giddily polling his fellow preschoolers.  His question? "What's your favorite way to get around?"  He likes to ask me this one, too.  My favorite modes of transport are no secret (bikes, buses, trains, and walking), but he pretends each time that he is surprised to hear my reply.  "Really?  Me too, Mama!"

I really wonder how the other children responded to his question.  I don't see any of them arrive at school, but I do see many of them leave with their parents at the end of the day.  Almost all of them are picked up in a car.  (The one exception is a little friend of ours, who I believe arrives most mornings on foot or on his balance bike.)  Do these kids love bikes, or walks?  Do they ever go places on the bus?  Bigger refused to share the results of his survey!  I guess he didn't want me to scoop him on his big story.  Oh, well.

Anyhow, yesterday we managed to use (or connect with someone who had just used) all our favorite modes of transportation.  First, we walked to the park with our friend A.  She rode her balance bike -- a 12" bike with the pedals removed.  Little, Bigger, and I walked.

She was much, much faster than us.  Those balance biking kids can really get up some speed!  Bigger had decided to leave his balance bike at home. I didn't get any shots of us walkers -- we were too busy trying to catch up with A., and making sure that she stopped at alleys and iffy driveways.

Then we ran an errand on our family bike.  No photos of that either, but here's one of us from another day, on our crazy interim bike -- a new one is coming in March!

Photo by our neighbor, B
Finally, we took the bus to go pick up my mom (the kids call her "Mimi") at the Amtrak train station.  This was absolutely the highlight of our day.  Trains!  Mimi!  Bus rides!

My mom struggles with chronic pain, and driving her car for two hours to visit her grandkids is usually very painful for her.  Over Thanksgiving, she decided to try taking the train down to visit us instead.  Since she can get up, walk around, or recline her seat if she needs to, the train seemed like a good option for her.  She reported that her trip was pretty comfortable and relaxing.  And then her grandson handled the luggage on our bus ride home.

The bus ride was so relaxing.  I love it when someone else does the driving.  Little enjoyed the bus so much that he wailed and screamed that he wanted to get back on the bus for at least a block of our walk.  Hello, neighbors!  I hope you like kids!

Me (with some really excellent hat hair) and Little on our favorite seats
All in all, it was a lovely way to start our visit with my mom.  There was nothing too special about it, it was just another pleasant day getting around our little town.

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