Friday, December 10, 2010

Little Nutty Helmet Seeks New Home

We are looking for a new home for this helmet, which does not fit Bigger.  It came into our hands for free (Bigger won it from Arriving By Bike at the Blackberry Jamboree), and we'd like it to go to someone else that way, too.

A recipient here in Eugene (or nearby) would be preferred, but I would consider shipping the helmet to the right family.  This helmet has been gently used for several months.  If you are interested in the Little Nutty, please post a comment below.  Please mention your relationship to the intended recipient of the helmet, whether he or she has tried on a Little Nutty in the XS size, and anything else you'd like me to know.  Assuming that someone out there is interested, I'll let folks know who the helmet goes to by Thursday of next week.

Thanks, and happy riding!


  1. Delurking here since no one else has replied yet. I found you only recently but have read everything! We are a two car family and can't imagine it any other way here in the burbs. But we are tryng to reduce our car use.

    I have two three year olds who could be the wearer. We've never even seen nutty helmets, never mind tried them on. Meryl, the one who needs a new helmet, has the larger head of the two. 19" Her current helmet has a crack and is very cold for her. Great for hot weather but not what we've been riding in. You can see photos of her asleep in the madsen on my (neglected) blog. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for de-lurking, Heather! Your twins are adorable. Are you reading this locally? (You can reply by email if you'd rather not mention your location here:

    How do you like your Madsen? They look like so much fun to ride, and they can haul four kids, right?

  3. No, not local. Boston 'burbs, far out in the 'burbs.

    The madsen is okay. Seatbelts for 4, but that is really tight.

    I'm having a hard time using it as much as I'd hoped. I've got a zillion excuses (dark, cold, everything is too far, time constraints getting different kids to different places, etc.) but I'm sure other families found ways to work around it. And I'm not.

    Which is why I'm heading out to blogs like yours for motivation and inspiration. Although public transportion isn't an option here. Local commuter train into town is 12 miles away and doesn't run early or late enough for work schedules that regularly require 3am starts or finishes.

    Congrats on the job. Sounds like it is all working out.

  4. You know, Heather, I grew up in the suburbs, in a family of five, and I can imagine your predicament. As a teenager, one of the first things I did once I got a job was to purchase a car. I did take the bus and I really enjoyed walking places, but bus service was infrequent, and really, everyone else I knew was driving.

    But if you're riding your bike even a little bit, I think that you're a part of making things easier for individuals and families on bikes. You may not know it, but your neighbors might see you out with your kids on their bikes, or someone might see you carrying a bike helmet at the grocery store, and feel inspired to dig a bike out of the garage and get out there, too. I think that you should feel proud of yourself!

    If your eventual goal is to use your bike a lot and your car only a little (or to get rid of your car entirely), you should give yourself permission to take little steps. I think step number one for me was to figure out what I really love about riding my bike. Step number two was figuring out how to get my two squirmy kids onto my bike without feeling like I was going to lose my mind. (Actually, I still feel like I might lose my mind when I'm trying to corral them onto the bike on a fairly regular basis.) Once it felt like fun instead of a headache, those next little steps came more easily.

    As far as the helmet goes, I'd love to share it with your little Meryl. Is there somewhere in your area that you can try an XS Nutcase (a.k.a. Little Nutty) to be sure it will fit? Contact me by email (mamafiets at gmail dot com) and we'll get it all sorted out.

    I hope you are enjoying your beautiful family!